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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I wanted to like this book a lot more than I actually did, but as a fangirl myself (an anxious fangirl, for that matter) there was so much about this book that didn't ring true for me. Why doesn't Cath have any fannish friends other than her sister? She mentions she has friends online, but we never see her talk to them. Why didn't she befriend that girl she met during finals who loved her stories? I can't imagine that a college that big, even in Nebraska, would be totally devoid of other serious nerds like her when my little uni of 2,000 or so has a Quidditch club.
I'm glad that at the end, Cath doesn't give up et love of Simon Snow or fanfic. I feared that's where this is going.
Personally, I think this book would have been much stronger without the boy angst and the relationship with Levi. Really? We need a heterosexual love interest in order to grow up? because that's news to me. For such a charmif and original book, I found the almost love triangle and the sexual awakening unrealistic, unnecessary, and frankly, boring - a snoozefest amidst and otherwise lovely, fast paced story.
So, I'll give it points for it's good parts but there was so much more it could have been a and a lot of potential wasted on an uninteresting romance.