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Wizard and Glass

Wizard and Glass - Stephen King, Dave McKean Having just reread this book, I have to bump my review up one star from two to three.
Let me start by saying that the flashback in the middle ruined the book for me. I'd give a lot more stars if those 500-odd pages were cut right out with an X-acto knife, or at least, cut way down to only a hundred pages or so. I found that part terribly boring and, I'll be honest, the less Stephen King writes about women, the happier I will be with his work.
However, this installment is also the book with my favorite part of the series: the Wizard of Oz, and what comes after. So I have to give it credit for that, and Eddie's logic bomb at the beginning. If it weren't for the five hundred or so pages in between those two things, I'd give it five stars.